Are You "Different"? And Other Stories

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Dark, funny, enlightening, and egregious -- all in one. 'Are You "Different"?' catalogs a series of eleven stories written by Jacob Robinson from 2019 to 2020. 

Sorry, We're Closed deals with a tale of loss and tragedy as the fate of two strangers are irrevocably intertwined.

Sunshower involves a discussion between two generations, as a young girl tries to find out where she came from.

Wish is about paths, ones both closed and open to us. It is about the reflection of our fears towards these paths, and the lesson of finally letting go. 

Are You "Different"? revolves around a man on his last leg, as he makes one last joyride through a hometown he never knew. 

Rosebud is about a girl faced with an unsolvable problem, and how she desperately tries to find an answer.

Discovery is about just that: discovery. Learning who you are, learning who the others are around you, and learning how it all comes together. 

Band on the Run teaches us that some mistakes don't get a second chance. 

Visions is a horror story wrapped up in a love story wrapped up in a horror story.

Narcolepsy is a tale, ironically, about insomnia. But it is about narcolepsy too, though perhaps a different kind.

Grey Area is about trying to do the right thing. No matter what the cost. 

A Different Kind of Feeling is about dreams. Not the dreams you and I have, but something deeper in our conscious. A different kind of feeling.

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Are You "Different"? And Other Stories

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