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Astukari Subscription

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Astukari Subscription

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I use this subscription service as a way to both 1) fund my own living expenses, and 2) fund whatever other projects I'm working on. That being said I know most of you aren't running a charity, and so I've made less of a "Patreon" and more a way for you to get a shit ton of value for a relatively small price.


Advanced Posts

Gain access to posts on jacob-robinson.com months before they get finalized. See all my ideas and plans for content, and give your own voice on what I should work on next.

All Published Content

Get Boys & Girls: Part I, Are You "Different"?, and all my other books, free of charge. To learn more about my published content, click here.

Banned Videos

Some content is just a little too risky for Youtube. With Astukari Premium, you can get the uncensored, unedited versions of some videos that are much more trimmed down on the main channel.


Astukari Guides

Get cheatsheets on a variety of topics, from Machine Learning to Writing to Particle Physics, all based on my own personal notes. Learn more about Astukari Guides here.

(New!) Tool Database

Get a collection of websites that offer a wide variety of tools, tips, and fun stuff -- all handpicked by me.

There is also a one-month free trial, so if you want to see how everything works in the Premium sub before you get it you can use that. I'm not sure if Gumroad asks for credit card info for trials, but you'll be able to cancel and not spend any money if you do it within the trial time.

Lastly, more content will be added to the subs soon -- so look out for updates!

All memberships include a 1 month free trial
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