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I use this subscription service as a way to both 1) fund my own living expenses, and 2) fund whatever other projects I'm working on. That being said I know most of you aren't running a charity, and so I've made less of a "Patreon" and more a way for you to get a shit ton of value for a relatively small price.

Basic is more for people who just want to chip in some money. It's $10/yr with the option of giving more, and all it gives you is the advance posts (posts that are available before the launch on Premium is where things get interesting -- get the advance posts, plus access to my personal knowledge base (Astukari Guides) and a copy of every book I've ever published (currently three, with more on the way). So Premium gives you a lot more features, albeit it is more expensive.

There is also a one-month free trial, so if you want to see how everything works in the Premium sub before you get it you can use that. I'm not sure if Gumroad asks for credit card info for trials, but you'll be able to cancel and not spend any money if you do it within the trial time.

Lastly, more content will be added to both subs soon -- so look out for updates!

(Psst, looking for freelance stuff, check out my Consulting page)

All memberships include a 1 month free trial


Astukari Subscription

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